Tree Trimming & Pruning in Denver, CO

Tree pruning in Denver and Plano is a science as well as an art form. The science of Denver tree trimming and pruning involves a deep understanding of tree biology. Our experienced Denver arborists are able to recognize plant flaws and skillfully eliminate or minimize defects on the trees without hindering their growth or causing irreplaceable damage. The art from of tree cutting in Denver and Plano is masterfully trimming and pruning by removing proper deadwood that would otherwise impact the aesthetically pleasing shapes your tree will naturally form.

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Benefits of Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning in Denver, CO and Plano, TX

Our Denver tree pruning services will ensure the health and prosperity of your trees. The professional arborists at Richis Tree Service have mastered the craft of tree trimming and tree cutting in Denver. We have the biological expertise when it comes to Denver tree pruning services and understanding how to perform them.

With our tree trimming and cutting services in Denver:

  • Your trees will be healthier and stronger with an extended life span.
  • Denver tree pruning also causes fewer unhealthy or dangerous limbs.
  • When you trim your trees, more sunlight is let it, resulting in lush and beautiful undergrowth.
  • Your trees will increase their resistance to pests and diseases.
  • With tree pruning, your trees will increase their strength to defend themselves against storms and high winds.

Contact the Denver and Plano tree cutting professionals at Richis Tree Service right away if:

  • Your tree or its branches are getting too close to power lines.
  • The branches are getting too close or are touching your home.
  • You begin to see dead or loose hanging branches.
  • It’s been more than three years since your last tree trimming or tree pruning service.
  • You would like your tree aesthetically shaped.

Storm Damage

With Colorado’s unpredictable weather, it is important to have your tree properly pruned before a storm happens. With our Denver tree pruning services, you will be able to lessen or even prevent the severity of damage after a storm. If you have highly valued or high-risk trees at your home or business in the Denver metro area, certain tree pruning services can protect your beloved trees from lightening.

We also understand that some things cannot be prevented, so if something happens to the trees at your home or business after a storm, get in touch with Richis Tree Service for tree cutting in Denver. We will assess every situation individually.

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At Richis Tree Service in Denver, we put the health of your trees and the safety of our clients at the top of our concerns. Our Denver tree trimming and tree pruning services will ensure the health of your trees, as well as their longevity. We have been a serving Colorado, Texas and the Denver and Plano metro areas for years and we take a lot of pride in the work that we do, and we hope you will as well. If you need tree pruning or tree trimming in Denver, know that you’ll be in good hands with Richis Tree Service. Give us a call today!

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