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If you are looking for professional shrub pruning services in Denver or Plano, look no further than the experts at Richis Tree Service. Much like trees, shrubs in the Denver metro area need to be pruned to improve the health and appearance of themselves. To keep your shrubs full of foliage and flowers, Denver shrub pruning will help them do so. The professional arborists at Richis Tree Service will remove any dead and diseased stems to keep.

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Why Prune your Shrubs?

Corrective pruning of your shrubs in Denver and Plano eliminates weak and poorly attached branches. This helps the establish a stronger and healthier branch structure. Richis Tree Service shrub pruning in Denver and Plano will ensure that your shrubs will need less maintenance in the future. Shrub pruning also reduces potential storm damage in the future.

Shrub pruning also improves the health of your shrubs. Deadwood is one of the prime breeding grounds for pesky insects, diseases and decay. Removing dead areas is an important part of the shrub pruning process. This also allows for more air and more light to reach the shrub, reducing exposure to disease and decay. This allows your shrubs to grow healthier, a concept every home or business owner is looking for.

Many larger shrubs can become hazardous if now taken care of properly. Our professional team at Richis Tree Service in Denver and Plano and the surrounding areas will ensure that your shrubs do not cause a hazard to you or any of your potential customers at your business. Beautiful shrubbery helps improve the appearance of your home or business in Denver and Plano. Everyone likes a healthy, well-shaped shrub. Crown cleaning, along with lightening of excessively long branches, can return a shrub to its natural beauty. Often shrubs will have not been planted in ideal locations, or they may be too close to buildings, wires, or other trees. These are services that we provide at Richis Tree Service. A variety of pruning techniques can benefit shrub help and those include natural rejuvenation, as well as formal shaping or shearing.

When to Prune?

Many shrubs in Denver can be pruned almost any time of the year. Some, however, especially disease-prone species, are often best pruned while they are dormant. Some flowering shrubs are best pruned shortly after flowering so that new buds can form. The expert arborists at Richis Tree Service will know exactly when to prune your shrubs through our professional knowledge.

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Richis Tree Service in Denver and Plano provides excellent shrub pruning services. We have the expert knowledge to know why and when your shrubs need pruning in the Denver metro area. If you have any questions about the Denver shrub pruning services we provide, we will gladly help you answer them! If you are in Denver, and in need of shrub pruning, give us a call today!

Questions about Tree Services?

Questions about Tree Services?

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