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Tree fertilization is a three-stage process that should be handled by the professional arborists at Richis Tree Service in Denver. Denver tree fertilization protects young and new trees from the time they are planted to the time they grow to their full maturity. You can be sure to trust the tree service experts here at Richis Tree Service with your trees and shrubs to get the best care possible.

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Our multiple-stage tree fertilization treatment in Denver adn Plano, and the surrounding areas is specifically formulated for trees in Colorado and Texas’ somewhat harsh and vigorous climate. Fertilizing trees helps prevent trees and shrubs from diseases and insects. However, the addition of any soil nutrient is recommended only if soil or plant foliage tests indicate a deficiency. Trees and shrubs in Denver need fertilization to stimulate their growth.

To establish a need for fertilizing your trees or shrubbery in Denver or Plano, consider the following conditions that may help you indicate if your trees need fertilization:

Soil Test:

If your soil test determines that the acidity or alkalinity (pH) is not where it should be, you may need to add nutrients to make up for any deficiencies.


If you are looking at your shrubs or trees in Denver and seeing signs of poor growth, such as poorly colored leaves, smaller leaf size than normal, early leaf fall or coloring, little annual twig growth, or branch dieback. These may be symptoms of poor growth. Not always do these symptoms indicate low nutrient levels of nutrients in the soil, nor should you assume that fertilizers would cure these problems.

Planting Age:

You can speed up the growth of transplanted trees and shrubs through fertilizer application in the early years. If your trees or shrubs have been planted recently, the best option is a slow-release fertilizer.


There is no need to fertilize your Denver shrubs or trees if they are growing on a lawn that is regularly fertilized. The roots of trees and shrubs naturally absorb the fertilizer that has been applied to the lawn. If, however, your trees and shrubs are growing in planting beds, they may need to be fertilized separately, especially on sandy soils with little to no organic matter.

If any of these conditions apply to the trees or shrubs at your home or business in Denver, be sure to contact us to bring them back to life and ensure that they are as beautiful as they have ever been. The professional arborists at Richis Tree Service will know exactly how to handle the type of tree fertilization you need for your individual situation. After our tree fertilization treatments, the trees and shrubbery at your home or business in Denver or Plano will be looking lush and beautiful.

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If are looking for exceptional tree fertilization services in Denver, be sure to contact the expert arborists at Richis Tree Service. We work with our clients closely to ensure that their trees and shrubbery are as beautiful and lush as they could ever be. Give us a call today!

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