Specialty Tree Care Services

Keep your property looking great with the service options from Richis Tree Service, LLC. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, our company offers a series of tree care services for home and business owners. When your property needs general upkeep, don’t hesitate to call us to request our assistance. For more than 15 years, we have provided the top Tree health care services for each of our clients. We are committed to delivering a quality outcome to every project.

Tree health care Services for Every Yard

When you own your own home or business, you have enough things to focus on without worrying about keeping your trees trimmed. While we do not offer gardening services, we are happy to assist you with each of your tree needs. Our experienced team of contractors offers a wide variety of services to transform yards of any size.

Don’t come to home or work and experience an eyesore each day. With our tree trimming services and other options, you will take back control of your property. Our goal is to deliver the top standard of service for every situation.

Regular Shrub Pruning for Your Home or Business

Unruly shrubs and trees create an unsightly appearance on any property. By staying on top of your pruning, you will prevent these plants from overgrowing in your yard. We are happy to come to you weekly, monthly, or whenever it meets your busy schedule.

A Full Tree Removal

Whether you are ready to clear your land for a new landscape or you have to remove a dead tree before it causes damage, our team is here to help you with your tree removal services. From small trees to large oaks, we have the expertise needed to remove any type of tree. Our contractors are on your side throughout every phase of the job.

Stay Warm with Yearly Snow Removal

Snow is beautiful to look at, but removing it from your property can be a major hassle. From sidewalks to parking lots, we perform a full removal in any area of your property. With our services, you can leave the shovels and plows inside and continue your daily tasks without the hassle of snow.

Essential Tree Fertilization Services

One of the important ways to keep your trees growing healthy for many years is with regular fertilization. We keep your trees well fed so that they can grow and thrive.

Contact us to request a quote for any of our tree care services. We offer Tree health care services for home and business owners throughout Lakewood, Colorado, and surrounding area.